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Maximus Draughts Support

~ Have you consulted the Help text? ~


The help text is available online
Click on the App link above, select your language, scroll down and click on the link 'Online Help'. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1.       Is there a way to pay in the App Store without a credit card?
Not that I know of. You can use
- a prepaid credit card such as www.3vcard.nl, or
- a gift card (e.g., VISA), available at your local supermarket.

2.       Will there also be a version for Window Phone?
Only if there are sufficient customers to cover the additional costs. Let me know if you are interested.
The same goes for other mobile platforms such as

3.       Will the PC version become available, for Windows and MacOS?
Ultimately, yes. For now, no.

4.       How do I switch to Player-vs-Player mode?
Tap the input mode button (the person in front of a screen). Two persons appear.
Tap it again to switch back to Player-vs-Maximus mode.

5.       Which level or playing mode should I choose for analyzing?
It does not matter, as long as it it not a Training Level.
The pondering function you use to analyze keeps thinking until you stop it,
or browse to another position. But it does not work on the training levels.

6.       What is the relationship between (Training) Levels I–X and for instance Seconds-per-Move?
None. The training levels use a limited search, whereas the other levels are time based.
The default level after installation is 1 second per move.
So if, for instance, you want the level to be 1 second per move, make sure this is what your screen looks like.
The green arrow and text indicate the playing mode.

7.      Will there be engine updates for increased playing strength?
Yes. Check the blog or your App Store for updates.

8.    What is the best setting/the strongest level?
* Choose any level except a Training Level.
* Switch Pondering ON.
* Processors settings: set to highest available.
Note: when Processors has been set to > 1, pondering uses 1 thread less (than “thinking”) to save some CPU time for other tasks.

9.     Do I need an internet connection to play against Maximus?
No, you don’t need an internet connection. Maximus runs completely locally on your device. Only the help texts are online.


Requests For Change

1.       Create and store variations in a game.
Status: probably not. Instead, store variations as separate games.

2.    Android: Import files from the file system.
Status: probably not.

4.    Import a PDN file with multiple games.
Statusprobably not. Select and import one game at a time.

5.    Add an option to show the board in Nigerian draughts format (mirrored).
Status: probably in the next version.


Known Bugs

 Rotating the device does not go well with forms navigation (yet).
Workaround: if the layout is not as it should be, rotate the device and rotate back.


Mail your questions and remarks (please state device and settings) to: