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September, 2021    The Unofficial World Championship Computer Draughts 2021


Tournament Base

August, 2021      Maximus Draughts 2.0 for iOS and Android

iphone 5.5 1.png

September, 2019    The Unofficial World Championship Computer Draughts 2019


February, 2018    Handling Search Inconsistencies in MTD(f)

August, 2017    Complexity of Checkers and Draughts on board sizes 6x6/8x8/10x10/12x12/14x14 

July, 2016    ICGA Computer Olympiad, Leiden University (Tournament Base)

November, 2015    Feike Boomstra Man-Machine Match (Tournament Base)

December, 2013    KNDB Dutch Open Rapid Computers (Tournament Base) 

Download Maximus’ games here: Dutch Open 2013 Maximus.pdn

July, 2013    Maximus Draughts 1.1 for iOS & Android 

April, 2013      Maximus Draughts for Android

March, 2013      Maximus Draughts for iOS

Test results against other mobile draughts programs.

2012      KNDB Match Maximus-Schwarzman (Tournament Base) 

See also:
* my report on the match (PDF) for ICGA Journal
* (in Dutch) http://www.nkdammen2012.nl/index.php/nevenactiviteiten/match-maximus-schwarzman

2012     Draughts Single Board Server (download zip), connect a DGT digital draughts board to a PC draughts program using DXP

2011      ICGA Computer Olympiad, Tilburg University (Tournament Base) 

2011      KNDB Dutch Open Rapid Computers (Tournament Base) 

2009      KNDB Dutch Open Rapid Computers (Tournament Base), Maximus’ predecessor ABCdam

2008      A Java Compiler Performance Study, using a Draughts playing program