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Maximus International Draughts (10x10 Checkers)

for iOS and Android

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Enjoy the game of international draughts (or 10x10 checkers) at a yet unprecedented level for tablets and smartphones. Maximus, the 2011 Dutch Open and Olympic computer draughts champion, is now available for iOS and Android! In 2012, Maximus played a match against former draughts World Champion Alexander Schwarzman, resulting in a narrow defeat (five draws and one loss). Maximus was running on a desktop computer, which is of course more powerful than a mobile device. Nevertheless, you will find Maximus to be a fierce opponent on your tablet or smartphone!

You don’t have to be an expert player to enjoy Maximus, however, as there are many levels of difficulty. Starting with a level to explore the rules of the game, at which Maximus always plays a random move. Then there are seven training levels, from beginner to expert, that you can try before you start giving Maximus more time to think. Improve your play by analyzing your games with Maximus and learning from your mistakes. You can also use the program as a draughts travel set or as a draughts notation booklet, or even in your draughts competition if you are one player short!


* Available in 8 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)

* Strong engine with 4 playing modes: 1) rules of the game plus 7 training levels; 2) seconds per move; 3) time schedule; 4) Fischer system

* Multicore processor support and adjustable memory usage

* Pondering option (thinking in the opponent’s time)

* Player vs. Maximus, Player vs. Player, and Maximus vs. Maximus modes

* Intuitive interface with drag & drop or tapping to enter your moves

* Move input support, move hint and help function

* Undo and redo moves; browse your game using the Notation screen

* Replay and analyze your game afterwards

* Save, load, e-mail and import games and positions in Portable Draughts Notation format (PDN)

* Randomly selected opening book moves provide a wide variety in games

* Display of draughts clock, square numbers (optional), and engine information and principal variation (optional)

* Other options: turn board, setup position, automatic replay

* Main differences with the PC version (not available): smaller opening book, no endgame database

* No Ads

New in version 1.1 (free update):

* Automatic analysis of your game

* A graph with search/analysis values

* All activity is stopped when the app is moved to the background

* A pop-up window if you lose on time (you can continue playing)

* Confirmation dialogs for new game, open game and clear board (during setup)

* Improved layout, e.g., an option for different kings on small screens

* Plays a bit stronger than version 1.0

* Some minor bugs were fixed

Tournament Base, Results and games of Maximus: http://toernooibase.kndb.nl/opvraag/uitslagenspeler.php?taal=1&Nr=11535

Results against other mobile draughts programs and Maximus vs. Maximus on different devices.

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Price for iOS: € 4,99                                       Price for Android: € 4,99